Sunday, November 13, 2005

Another inspiring trip!

This autumn continues to be a time of encountering very dedicated people. And once more, I see how much doing meaningful work, something you can feel really dedicated to, can bring such a strong sense of satisfaction, and a joy of life. The Friends School in West Chester..visiting Teacher Connie's first grade class where each student was dressed in something from Japan, followed by two school assemblies where you could have heard a pin drop, they listened so intently. The teachers and the students enjoyed each other so much! The feeling of cooperation was tangible.

And meeting Linda Morris and her 2nd grade class in Baltimore - what an inspiring, delightful day. Her students just shine under her skillful guidance, and they sang and chanted "Koto Tales" right along with me. Their questions were thoughful, and their appreciation was wonderful. Of course, like all kids, they love music. They love stories. But Linda helps them to love them even more, helps them to appreciate them even further. She asks questions, and talks about things such as artistic judgement, points out different decisions that have gone into creating something. Makes them aware of what they could do, as artists, as well. (Her students even write reviews at Amazon!) What a present that is for the kids -- not to mention the artists!

I felt so relevant to all their lives! Teachers care, and students blossom...and someone can walk in and tell "Koto Tales" and feel very, very meaningful.

The Hartmans, publishers of Dirty Linen, who so kindly let me stay in their artist room (with absolutely spotless linen!) were fantastic to meet as well. Many similarities to our own household, where we are working from home -- meeting in the kitchen for discussions off and on, and then "Back to work!" Work concerns are never far from the mind, and it somehow weaves its way into every aspect of life. But -- like John and I -- they seem to love what they are doing. Despite concerns, setbacks, and feeling like you are on a constant teeter totter, every day is an adventure, life is challenging....but good. It is all worth it.

How lucky I am!

Thank you, Liz. My children are still talking about your visit!
That day is one they will remember all their lives. And most of all, they are learning that the adult world cares about them -- a good thing for children to grow on and pass along!
Many thanks!
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