Thursday, August 25, 2005

top ten reasons to stop cooking

I've all but given up on cooking. It wasn't a conscious decision, but one that seemed to naturally evolve.
And life is better this way. Only an ocassional foray into that area. Like, for German pancakes, bean dip, cheese omlettes, and about a pie a year.


1. You can do other things, More important things, like blogs. Walks. Naps.
2. You actually *like* tater tots. And corn dogs. You've developed this appreciation in your kids.
3. You use your kitchen as an office. (My boys have pulled scotch tape off of their pancakes.)
4. You don't have to do as many dishes. Need I say more?
5. You have boys. (They like ice cream better than homemade cake or cookies any day. And your husband scours the paper for ice cream coupons.
6. You can support your local ethnic restaurants.
7. You save on electric bills (You know.. from oven and dishwasher use!)
8. You finally realize you never were getting the points you thought you were getting.
9. The less time you spend with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and baking ingredients, the less you eat them.
10. Your 13-year old son cooks better than you do, and he NEEDS something to do.

Oh, and last but not least...face it, it never tasted like you thought it would when you made it yourself.

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