Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ode to Strict Moms

Strict Mom,
Stick to it!
Set the standards high
And watch them reach the sky.
Do it!

"Make your bed!"
"Say thanks -""
"Brush your teeth."
"Practice, practice, practice...."
"Say please, please."

"Write it out neatly."
"Do it again..."
"One more time -
This time in pen."

Stand proud, Strict Mom
it would all so easily be left undone
without your insistent push -
a bud that never blossoms,
a shiny toy under a bush.

Strict Moms of the world unite!
Stand tall. Fight!!
Would be so easy to let it go, let it slide...
so easy to hide,
handing out "Awesome!' "Good job!" -
like cheap stickers that fade -
so much more meaningful
if earned when effort is made.

End the day with a hug and a smile,
it really, really is worthwhile.
And get a good night's sleep yourself -
Set an example to follow
you'll need the energy stock
to deflect the moans and the groans of tomorrow!

Go, Strict Mom, go.
Don't stop. You rock.

Right on!
You are so right about not handing empty praise! So many times we are told to encourage by heaping accolades on the young, even when they have done nothing to deserve them. But kids are not stupid. They know when they have and have not done something worthy. They know when they are really trying and when they are just getting by.
So build high standards, be strict, and do not expect them to like it - they will respect it and see the value later ... much, much later!
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