Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Never-ending Barbecue

Another great idea from Hints-from-John. Our boys love barbecued meats - when they were young, we avoided meat for the most part, but the last couple of years, they have been growing a lot, and all but crave it. So, we barbecue whenever we can. But it takes so much time and energy - (the coals, the grill, the smoke) to do it all the time...so what we do is, buy a variety of meat when it goes on sale, marinade it, make hamburger paddies, and barbecue it ALL during one afternoon. Then we put it into baggies and tupperware, and the boys can eat it for weeks, by choosing what they want from the freezer, putting it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. It tastes so good! The kitchen smells like a barbecue.
When the weather is nice, they can even eat it outside, just like we are having a barbecue. It's great. We pat ourselves on the back every time we have one of our never-ending barbecues.

(So now the world knows ....I hardly ever *really* cook anything fancy....I've given up on that one....but we do have actual mealtimes for the boys. I figure the habit of meals is worth developing, so they won't be fighting with weight/health problems from snacking when they get bigger. That's the concept, anyway.)

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