Monday, July 18, 2005

life without television, part 1

People always assume that NOT having something means you have LESS.

But in the case of TV, not having one means you have a LOT MORE!

A lot more time. A lot more conversation. A lot more thinking. A lot more reading. A lot more DOING: practicing. playing. making. dreaming. Even a lot more goofing around!!

The other assumption is, if you don't have TV, then you must read a lot.
Well, our family does but probably not as much as you imagine. Our kids read the most. Probably 1-2 hours a day. They love it. Next would be John; lots and lots of magazines- science, computers, and the New Yorker. Mine is most sporatic - fit in between the cracks.

When there is no TV competing for your attention, you find there are a lot of other things to do, too. You are more set free to DREAM BIG!

People often assume it is sort of a grave, bland serious life, a life without TV. Like living without any flavor in your food. Actually - it adds a lot MORE flavor to life, because your life becomes your own again.

More on this later. For now, just this. Not having a TV is WONDERFUL. We love it. All we have to do to remind ourselves how great it is to not have one is to eat in a restaurant with one on. Those kinds of places are great reminders of how lucky we are!

PSIf you watch TV, by the way, it is fine with me. This is just what we've chosen to do, and it works great for us.
PPS We (mostly the boys) do occasionally watch a DVD. About 2-4 a month.
More on this later.....

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