Wednesday, July 13, 2005

hot flashes.....

ok, ok, i get the hint. Hot Flashes. Night Sweats.
First, there was the denial. "I'm not old enough for this!!" Then, ignoring it. But it won't go way.
More hot flashes. And other things, details not worth mentioning.

So.....I've been trying to "cut down" on coffee but it isn't working. Everyone says it is THE most important thing to cut down on. And that tea is much better for you....

So now, I'm going to try cold turkey. It's the only way, I think, with this brain.

10:00 PM, and didn't have ANY COFFEE today!! Yea! (of couse I drank enough tea to choke a horse....)

One day down. It helps to be distracted with a lot of little music projects right now....

Distraction. The key to better health?

I've been there and done that, but wasn't drinking anything with caffeine at the time. Wish I had advice to offer, other than what you've no doubt heard about a lot of soy this and that in your diet... I certainly do empathize!
Sorry, that was me just now!

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