Saturday, July 23, 2005

Driving down the road

Sunny day, driving in the car, and Neil Diamond starts singing. An Immediate flash to the 70's - a different sunny day, a different car. Then, I see that in the car stopped in front of me at the light, the passenger is leaning across the seat and is kissing the driver. For a loooong time...the music, the scene.....the past.....oh, those feelings. They just keep kissin' and Neil keeps singin; I haven't seen kissing that in a long, long time...due to distraction, or SUV vehicles? I guess the new windows on cars don't let us see as much! This is an older car, with a front seat that allows the couple to sit close together.....the scene, combined with the music, brings such youthful memories.....

I glance at my 13-year old son sitting next to me, ipod in his ears, reading a book. He doesn't look up. If he did, he would see his future, being acted out in that car in front of us....

At this point, that possibilty is simply unbelievable for both of us. I keep driving, he keeps reading.

So he did get an iPod!

I'm following up with a non sequitur - sort of, since your post is about growing up.


Ellen, that web site is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! Thank you. How did you come across that?
Hi Linda,

I came across it in the "arts" section of the following blog:

I'd previously linked to some of this writer's interviews and reviews of an Italian singer, and she returned the favor.

As for the site, it's one of my all-time favorites. I can't wait to see what's added over time...

Glad you like NYChildren.
Danny Goldfield
Photographer for NYChildren
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